"Customized rivets for specific functions"

Our company

Founded in 1977, 4F has based its reputation on its experience in the production of blind rivets dedicated to specific applications.

Thanks to its constant drive for research and innovation, 4F offers products of quality, developed from a process tested and certified (ISO 9001 V2015).

4F works for the French and the European industry, and has a significant partnership with distribution, especially as a subsidiary of Degométal.
4F operates in sectors as various as automotive and bodywork industries, electrotechnics, electrical appliances, furniture of local administrative units, building industry...

Our know-how

The work focused on the «custom» is the essence of our production. The main goal is to provide customers with more than rivet, a real technical «solution».

4F assists its clients in their development : its R&D; department is committed to providing professionals with complete solutions to meet their specific needs.

The «4-jaw» nail technology ensures a precise mandrel breaking point, a constant tensile strength, special mechanical and dimensional characteristics for developing specific products.

A wide choice of surface treatment is offered : zinc plating, nickel plating, anodization, lacquering….

Our products

4F became «the french specialist of rivet» :

- by manufacturing a wide range of standard blind rivets (Stainless steel A2 and A4, Steel, peel, triform, hammerdrive...).

- by offering solid and semi-tubular rivets.

- by developing special rivets according to specifications (special breaking point, special length, falling-out head, special head diameter ...).